Wordart Tutorial

Wordart is that extra bit of fun element that can make a mediocre layout AMAZING.  Sometimes, a layout just requires that perfect piece of wordart to make it complete.  A WACOM tablet, Inkscape, and a Photoshop style are the ingredients to making that layout a personal statement.

This tutorial uses Photoshop CS3, a metal style from Amanda Rockwell, Inkscape, and a Bamboo Wacom Create tablet.

Open a new document in Inkscape and select the calligraphic pen tool.

Using the Wacom tablet and pen, write a word across the “page”.  The size is irrelevant as Inkscape is a vector program and can be resized up or down without effect to its resolution.  Check the size of the stroke by moving the slider at the top labeled WIDTH.


To save, click FILE, EXPORT BITMAP.

A window prompt will appear.  Check the bitmap size is set to 300 dpi and then rename and save it to a specific file location. It will save as a PNG file.  Click the EXPORT button.

In Photoshop, open the PNG file just saved and check the sizing by placing on a 12×12, 300 dpi document.  If it is too small, go back to Inkscape and change the sizing prior to resaving.  You should be able to resize the file in Photoshop as well.  When the size is right, install a style into Photoshop via the styles palette.

In this case, the style is a metallic one from Amanda Rockwell available at Scrapbookgraphics.com.

To alter some of its characteristics, go to the layers palette and double click on the word layer.  Do not alter the pattern as this is what is intrinsic to the style.  Play with the bevel, the shadows, the colors to make the style unique to the layout.


Finding a style that fits the wordart and handwriting may take some time.  It is basically a trial and error.  Sometimes, the most obscure style works great with a thin line.  Sometimes, the style is all wrong.  Playing with the beveling and shadows may help.  It also depends on the expectation.  What is in one’s head may not translate onto a screen.  However, having the knowledge may be the trigger to expanding and creating new art.



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