Using Photoshop Styles

Photoshop styles are a fun way to make simple and amazing elements and papers for layouts. This tutorial shows how to install and tweak the styles to suit each layout. Photoshop CS3 is the progam being used.

For Photoshop, copy and paste the styles into a pre-set location on the hard drive so it is easy to find. For Elements users, be sure the program is closed prior to installation. Check your documentation for the settings location for Layer Styles. In the styles palette, click on the arrow and click on LOAD STYLES.

A box will pop up with a prompt for the location of the style. Click thru, locate the style and LOAD.

The styles will appear in the palette.

Type a word using fonts and then click on one of the styles in the styles palette. This will change the look of the font. Each style can then be altered to suit each specific layout. For example, color can be tweaked to suit the layout better.

Click on the working layer in the layers palette and bring up the LAYER STYLES box.

Click the COLOR OVERLAY and change the color to the desired hue. Then, click on the blend mode OVERLAY. You can play with the slider to get just the right color. Any of the categories in the Layers Style can be altered by clicking on each box and working thru each item. In this way, each style will get more use.

The pattern overlay will be checked already as this is the actual pattern of the style. Check here if the style itself is blurry. The pattern should be at 100% when at 300 ppi. A smaller sized layout may need a smaller sized pattern so size accordingly. Check the layout itself at 100%.

Using two styles on top of each other on the same layer will not work. Duplicate the words first so that there are two different layers and use each for different styles. For example, the glitter can be on the top layer and the shadows can be on the bottom layer.

Play with other types of elements and styles. A paper style may be fun to use with a tag shape. Shadow styles are great time savers when shadowing layouts with many layers. Metal styles are great for making metal type of elements. It is fun, it is fast and it is creative.

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