Transformation in Your Life

This week, we’re releasing a made to match set with Studio Unica suitable for spring, Transformation!  It’s meant as a way of changing an aspect of your life or situation, maybe for the better, maybe to change up the status quo, maybe for a family dynamic.  Whatever the case, spring seems to be a great time for transformation.



That’s the entire collection: elements, papers, trashed background papers, alpha, and journal cards!  For just the kit and papers:




And the other packs, separately:






Use the Transformation Journal Cards as ephemera or journaling bits in your digital layouts.  We’ve included collage sheets so you could print it out, cut it and insert into your pocket scrapbooking!  You could even alter it a bit before you print it out, so its a little more customized.  Or print it, cut it, and use a felt tip marker to write some journaling on it.  Super versatile.

The Transformation Trashed Papers are awesome to mix and match with the background papers included in the kit pack.  Use the background papers behind the trashed papers.  You could even re-size the trashed papers into smaller pieces to use as journaling papers.  If you like just the texture, you could clip it to a shape of your own.

Here is the wordart made to match from Studio Unica:


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And, finally, here are some awesome inspiration from our crew HERE.


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