Time to get Back to Posting

I can see how bad I’ve been at posting but my life was crazy the last few months. And now, it seems to have calmed down some. In October, I spent time at my mother’s house in California as she was having trouble with a live-in “guest”, a supposed friend who rented a room temporarily who ended up staying too long and we had to go thru an eviction process. In California, it’s insanely crazy and difficult for evictions and I ended up “babysitting” mom and house thru most of the month. By Thanksgiving she was evicted BUT sued my mother in small claims court (unreal). December was the holidays which we had pre-planned a trip to be with our daughters in Denmark where they are studying. January put me back in California for the court case which amounted to nothing as the woman never showed up in court. But, I convinced my mother to come live with us (she’s 75 and independent and not getting younger) and ended up packing all her stuff and having it trucked cross country. At 75, she doesn’t need to be by herself and dealing with house, bills, cleaning. She deserves a rest and to just hang out without stress.¬†She will come when she is ready.

So, it’s been an interesting 4 months.


We are at the last week of Oscraps’ 50% We Love a Sale event. These products are at 50% off.

Here are ours for this week:

The collection and various separate packs of:


Here are some of our released kit. We collaborated  with Holly Takatsuka. She has amazing ideas that absolutely needed translating onto digital art! So, her ideas, our kits! What a mix!


This one is called Belletrix, the Latin word for female warrior! Who knew? I was quite surprised at the definition. We are all warriors in life. Challenges, ups and downs, highs and lows, life is never boring. But we all arise to it and meet the challenges head on, defeat it and move on. So this one is for all the warriors in all of us.

Our new CU products:



52 Inspirations

And we are part of the 52 Inspirations subscription! Purchase the 2019 version, get 52 kits throughout the year! Purchase now and get all of the previous¬† months’ downloads and get ready each week to download a new one. Ours is the pack for this week:

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