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Start New Things!

It’s been a rough last year and a half for us (Vivienne) but I’m looking forward to a fresh start for 2018. I’m looking for a real job outside of the stuff I do at home online. It’s time for me to get out again and get going. Both my girls are heading back to school also, end of May for Bella (my youngest) and end of the summer for my oldest Amanda. My husband is in the midst of a career change as well. So we have much to look forward to. We took the last three weeks to sail on our boat. We met up with my sister-in-law and Bella’s oldest and dearest friend from Sweden and we headed to the Bahamas (to Nassau, Chub Key, and Bimini). I always enjoy my SIL, who has the same humor has my husband so we’re usually dying from the laughs all around!


Our sailboat, Vagabond Hearts II, at sunrise. For some reason, we sleep early (9pm) and get up early. Must be all the fresh air we don’t normally get!


We were lucky to catch a pod of dolphins at play. There must have been about 15 of them we crossed on our way back! It was amazing for my SIL and Malin (Bella’s friend) to see this! It was beautiful to see them jumping around in front of our boat!



Junkanoo (the day after Christmas) in Nassau. Very similar to St Thomas’ Carnival but the Bahamian version and very elaborate and stunning costumes all made of paper and sequins!

And now back to real life.  ViVa Artistry has two Art Starters for you. These are smaller mini kits just right for a quick one page layout or mixed media piece. It’s also a small size, in case you’ve never tried our version of kits. It’s got a little bit of everything that we love: papers, textures, colors, brushes, imagery. Or, get it as an add-on to freshen up your stash and have some new pieces to jumpstart your imagination. Start those new projects you have in mind with these:





Here are some inspiration pieces:















These are so much fun to play with! And the pages are extraordinary.

Enjoy the start of the New Year!

Vanessa and Vivienne

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