‘Tis the Season for Holiday Memory Keeping

And this is just the start of the busy month of holiday craziness!  Be sure to take photographs for those all important memories for your scrapbooking/books/art!!!  We both love this time of year for family, it’s warmth, coziness, and feelings of well being.  But it can be absolutely insane with all the demands for our time.  Are all the gifts prepared?  The meals worked out?  The parties gone to?  People remembered?  Cards sent out?  Whew!!!!

We have prepared our usual holiday kits, a Christmas one and a Hanukkah one.  This year, Hanukkah is early, starting on the eighth of December and lasting for one week:   Ness is a miracle, in the Hebrew language. And, Hanukkah commemorates the re-dedication of the holy temple in Jerusalem after the Jewish victory over the Syrian Greeks. Jewish troops decided to purify the temple (after it was converted by the Syrian into a temple for their gods) by burning ritual oil in the temple Menorah for eight days. The only problem was that they found only one day’s worth of oil in the temple. They lit it anyway and were surprised that the one day of oil lasted eight days–the MIRACLE. And so, Jews celebrate by lighting their menorahs each night for eight days, one candle for each night.


from Margaret

These are a set created by our guest CTM for December, Eysah and they are layouts using her photos from a trip to Isreal:


And for our Christmas kit:

It’s a plum colored holiday kit with shades of teal green/blue.  A bit different in terms of color for Christmas but with more traditional and natural looking elements including a stick tree and straw ornaments with touches of bling!  But consider using this kit for working with portraits or maybe with a party theme or your altered art/mixed media projects. Instead of the usual red, green, bling combination, opt for a different look!

Inspiration for the kit is HERE.


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