New Year’s Resolution Project 5 – Minute in My Life

Here we come for 2015!  It’s a the latest Record Your World!  Minute in My Life!  It’s the best time to start with a resolution.


What does it include?  An instruction booklet with ideas and samples, a set of color swatches, and four full kits of fun stuff!  This one includes a set of clocks, a miscellaneous set, a paper pack, and a wordart pack!









And, the two additional packs to mix and match:





Try it out as your New Year’s resolution.  Or use the projects WITH your resolution by creating a memorabilia for and about yourself.  It can be fun and cathartic.  Enjoy combining these kits with your own stash.  The kits are neutral with colorful points of interest.  Plus they work together so its easy to use.  We’ve included some sample pages created by our team.  These are meant to inspire and push you in your creativity.  Plus, you can go to our gallery at SBG to view other pages.

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