Record Your World Project 6 – Resolutions

So how do you make resolutions for yourself?  Do you do it yearly?  Do you do it daily?  Do you use one word?  Do you create a list?  This Record Your World project will have you go thru the resolutions process and whichever you do, the next step is to account for it by creating your page in this personal time capsule.


Don’t forget, the project includes a booklet with inspiration, prompts, and ideas.  Along with that, swatches, four unique kits such as:






This year, a large part of my resolutions is that I promised myself to learn and make art. The past few years have been incredibly busy with our family moves and also opening a business. I want to spend a little me time to relax somewhat and actually learn how to use a pencil and brush! To that end, I purchased some online art classes to help me out and to force me to actually sit down and DO IT! I plan on scrapping that out!  I also do smaller resolutions throughout the year so that there is balance in play.  Physically, I am going to get into bikini shape!  I can’t believe I live here on an island and I hate the way I look in a swimsuit (don’t we all?) so it’s a couple of little things on a three times a week basis exercise wise and a diet check as well (meaning loads of water drinking and salad eating!).

Here are two additional products that will get you going:



These would go great with almost any kind of page.  Very versatile!  The alphas are in ABR format so it’s super easy for you to use in Photoshop. Easy as using a brush.  For those who use other programs, they are also provided as png files!  With uppercase, lowercase, and numbers in black but super easy to change the colors to anything you choose. Or, you could use these in combination with our Messo Gesso overlays for more texture!

Enjoy the weekend!

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