Record Your World Project 1–Cover

We are all about creating memories and saving them for our future generations to read about it! We are creating a book about US, as women, as individuals, as moms, as friends. Record Your World is all about those details that never get noticed, the little things so basic to who we are. We’ve set this up that you can CHOOSE how it will be and what size it is to be. It can be a book or slideshow, up to you. We provide you with an art journal type instruction booklet full of information, prompts, and samples. There is a main kit, and two additional element kits included as well as color swatches that are mix and matchable. We will also release one or two additional kits (not included in the original project) that can be used with the main project. The plan is to have a new workshop every other week until it finishes to become 20 pages! Of course, you can add/subtract the pages to your whim. We started out with the cover of the book:


Each Record Your World project includes an art journal style booklet full of ideas, prompts, examples, inspiration.  We’ll add in FOUR unique kit packs.  They could be elements, brushes, or paper backgrounds.  A color swatch that will complement all the pages is included as well.  Each project will have additional packs that will work with it but will be available separately, or you can purchase by itself without the project.  It’s all up to you.  We’ve given you all the choices and now, it’s YOUR project about YOUR memories.

These are the four packs included in the project:






The extra packs are these:





Start your memory book now.  Do it for future generations or do it for yourself.  It makes a great overview for you to reflect upon.  Similar to an art journal but more specific.  Maybe you have daughters?  They may enjoy reading it later on when they are older.  Maybe you want to leave something of yourself for the future.  In any case, its therapeutic with so many prompts for you to cover.  Record Your World is art therapy in an artistic sense.  Enjoy!

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