Planner Year Page Freebie

I really needed to have my planner updated. Things were getting scattered and so I made up new pages for my half letter sized one. I thought you might like my files!

These files contain the digital jpgs of each page individually in case you wanted to set it up on your own, or it’s set up the way I used it for print purposes. Two planner pages on letter or A4 size paper with 1/4 inch bleed (most printers use 1/4 inch around). There are both colored and b/w pages for variety. I used the Live Wild and Free backgrounds to decorate these planner pages!

And here’s a freebie for you. The yearly page along with a dotted page (for bullet journaling). I love using the dots for my writing purposes. Keeps things nice and neat. This is a combination of a regular planner with the bullet journaling background. I do love parts of bullet journaling. If you have any kind of requests for planner pages, be sure to let us know in the comments or email us!

Click on the image to download.

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