On a Journey of Discovery

We are all on a journey, whether it’s a real place you are traveling to, or a mental one to find you or a state of mind, or even a journey of discovery! For life journeys, a journal or series of images to document the process is a good way to gauge the outcome. Starting with a primary image and continue with each bump and curve in the road, no matter how small or trivial, no matter how momentous. The process is important because you learn with each experience, you learn your reactions, you learn your triggers, you learn how strong or weak you can be because not everything has to about strength. Sometimes, acknowledging your weaknesses can go a long way in your discoveries.

We’ve a kit for you to help you:



And wordart to match:



And an extra pack of line and watercolor art of places that are a bit dreamy:



The Line & Wash packs are part lineart and part watercolor brushes stroked in to give your pages a mixed media/fine art type of look. You can mix and match it with your own stash.

This particular set of scraps is versatile in that you can make memory pages for photos, or art journal type pages, and mixed media art. I am working with a bunch of phrases and wordart that I want to put into pages to document my own journey. These images will fall in line with that project. I think I’ll be putting it into a small book format when I’m done as a physical representation of my mental journey. I’m not sure if it will become anything more than that but I hope that I’ll get satisfaction in knowing that I’ve changed in a good way.

Here are some inspiration pages for you:



















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