We’re gonna discuss the new Record Your World, but first, a recap of what WE (ViVa) are doing.

Where to begin?  First, apologies for the inactive website here for the month of September.  It was a bad month for me.  First, at the end of August, I tripped and fell (over nothing, I might add) and dropped my computer case.  Of course, it wrecked the screen so I immediately took it to an IT guy to get a new screen on it (i could only see 1/4 of the left side of the screen).  He said, no worries.  Little did I know that three weeks later, it still couldn’t get fixed.  Not only am I in the Caribbean with a European Toshiba computer that’s broken but it’s an old one (three years old!)…we had to order a screen from the UK (apparently, all computers are not the same) and a week later, we found out they shipped the wrong screen.  Another week and the new screen came and still could not be fixed.  So I ended up with a used computer they had on hand which only cost me $100 more than the fix and they moved all my files over (most of my files are backed up to my EHD) which ended up taking 3 days because of incompatibility issues!  I decided on the used machine because there is no where on the island that sells the Alienware one I want and to spend money on a laptop that’s not exactly right is not for me…

So then, during all that, I ended up with Chikungunya, this kinda new virus that made its way here from Africa and is not heading up to the States.  It’s mosquito born and its nasty.  I was lucky to get a light version of it.  You get  headache, a bad rash, very high fever and extreme joint pain and there is no vaccine or medication for it other than that to relieve the symptoms.  I had it for three days with low grade fever and slight headache and not enough joint pain for me to stay home (I have an ice cream shop to run!).  It’s not contagious other than via mosquitos (it’s a virus).  My daughter just had it last week as well and it was a light version of it as well, thank God!

So you think it’s all over?  Friday night, I decided to try Papaya for the first time (never had it!).  Had three small pieces, tasted pretty ok, not my fave but its fine.  Two hours later, my skin is prickling and red spots show up in huge patches. By midnight, the patches all attached together until my upper body is blistered.  I’m nauseous.  My morning, my stomach area cleared up, so yayyy!  By lunch the next day, my legs and arms and back is covered.  That evening, I ended up in ER.  It was so uncomfortable, painful, and itchy, I couldn’t take it anymore.  Two doctors took one look at me and actually gasped and told me they had never seen anyone with such a bad reaction to anything.  My skin had huge welted patches that had raised about 1/4 inch up!  Two steroids and a high dose benedryl later, my skin was almost back to normal but my daughter had one loopy mother to deal with!

So today I’m fine and I’d love to talk to Vanessa, but my partner in crime got kidnapped by her husband and taken on a dream trip to Europe!!!  He’s away on business and decided to take her with him to France and Italy!!!  What an outrageous gesture!!!  I am so looking forward to hearing all about it and I’ll be sure to make her write a blog post on it!

Now I can tell you about our latest project workshops.  I’m so excited about it.  We are all about creating memories and saving them for our future generations to read about it!  We are creating a book about US, as women, as individuals, as moms, as friends.  Record Your World is all about those details that never get noticed, the little things so basic to who we are.  We’ve set this up that you can CHOOSE how it will be and what size it is to be.  It can be a book or slideshow, up to you.  We provide you with an art journal type instruction booklet full of information, prompts, and samples.  There is a main kit, and two additional element kits included as well as color swatches that are mix and matchable.  We will also release one or two additional kits (not included in the original project) that can be used with the main project.   The plan is to have a new workshop every other week until it finishes to become 20 pages!  Of course, you can add/subtract the pages  to your whim.  We started out with the cover of the book:

ViVa_RecYourWorld_Coveroverlay_previewLG ViVa_RecYourWorld_Coverpp_previewLG




For the Cover Project, here are two additional kits, sold separately.




For the second set, we’re doing page 1, ALL ABOUT YOU!!!  This book should be about each aspect of you as you see it!  The booklet has prompts and ideas that will help you to create a fantastic page!





ViVa_RecYourWorld_pp1_previewLG ViVa_RecYourWorld_lined_previewLG ViVa_RecYourWorld_words_previewLG


And the additional separate packs are:




Grab your RECORD YOUR WORLD projects now and get started!!!

We hope that these products will help you to create a really gorgeous keepsake!  It not only records your thoughts for future generations but also, it’s a fantastic way to review your past years and evaluate how you have changed and grown!

Make great memories this week!

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