More MiniOs and Collage Cutout Mini-Tut


Oscraps has a fun event once a month called the Mini-Os. All the designers create kits based on one color swatch. Be sure to catch them! Once a month, they are on sale for 40% off for 4 days on the 4th Friday of the month!!! We missed out on talking about our sets last month as both of us were crazy busy in real life. So here it is now:




The last one is something new. For the look of pocket scrapping, here are some pockets for you to put photos into or even objects! Makes for a different look in your book! And of course, the gesso lace borders are awesome to add interest to your layouts whether you use as is or you alter it slightly by overlay or by color. Just an addition to your arsenal. Maybe you have noticed, we’ve created cards with the flower children to match each Mini-O so there’s a little trim for each set!


These are all made by our team using the plastic pockets.

Collage Mini-Tutorial

Our teammate Holly is known for her series of “books”. She uses the fairy cards for her next series done in a collage manner:

This is one idea you could do to make books or cards or even a calendar! If you noticed, she did a cutout of the fairy cards. This can be done using an action or by hand. Wendyzine makes a sticker action that creates a white cutout edge.

For a more manual version, Holly used PSE and removed the background “cards” by either erasing it by hand or by using the third erasing tool (the one that erases backgrounds). Then, she sets the foreground color to white and then uses the outline selection tool and sets it to about 10 pixels.

In regular Photoshop, use the Magic Wand tool and select the white background, then delete. Use your eraser tool for the tighter areas and erase by hand. Select a white foreground color. Then, go to EDIT>STROKE.

In the droptdown, type 10 pt for the width, select OUTSIDE.

And there you go. To finish, I added in a small shadow to make it look like a paper cutout.

Have fun trying out collage style digital art!!!

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