More Frames to Paint!

You saw on my FB post I was painting frames this past weekend. I had some odd sized prints I had purchased in Italy while I was visiting Karl last summer when he was working there. The funny thing is that the prints are from a Danish painter I love, Bjorn Wiinblad. I love his whimsical art! Anyway, they are from the series North, South, East, West.

bjorn wiinblad west

The only trouble was that the gold on the frames was flaking off. Honestly, I don’t think the gold did anything for the images. And, the frames being from Europe, I knew the metric sizing would be a problem if I was replacing with new frames. So Karl gave me his power sander to use and I stripped the frames and repainted them black!

painted frames

I worked on another two frames while I was at it since I was planning all black frames anyway for my stairwell. I think that new frames are very expensive so I like to reuse them when possible. I’m a huge thrift shopper and found so many useful good things at Salvation Army or Goodwill shops! I found a frame that was 4 feet long and perfect for my needs. It was $10 marked down half off to $5 on super Wednesday at the Salvation Army!!!

long frame

I painted the white wood and filled it with 4×6 photos of us in landmark places we’ve visited!

frame love

This one is another frame I found at Goodwill for about $4 but it was in brown. I again painted it black and now, I can replace the photos occasionally!

As for the photos, I used an old HP Photosmart photo printer for super easy 4×6 prints. This kept me from having to leave the house to get this project done! With the frames all uniform in color, I can make the photos and paintings look cohesive in the one place and not for a huge lot of money!

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