Monkiri – Cut Paper

This week, we’re playing with cut paper and using them as backgrounds and element pieces.  Monkiri means paper cutting in Japanese.  We’ve fashioned this cut paper set with neutral papers so it’s easy for you to play with them!  You can splash paint on it, you can color on it, paint it, write on it, stitch it, change the color, layer other elements on it, anything you can imagine!


You’ll find 6 different cut paper mats in shadowed and unshadowed format.  Make it easy on yourself and plop the pre-shadowed versions in your pages.  It makes for easy pages.  OR, do it yourself and play with the mats first, then, add in your own shadows!  It’s fun, creative, and unique.

Plan your images and place them behind the mats, or layer them in front.  You can add in a background page behind.  It’s super fun to play with layers in your graphics program.  Some of the mats are full 12×12, some are smaller to be used layered in front of other backgrounds.  You could cut the mats for more variety.  Use your imagination and create something just for you.



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