Love and Loss

Love and Loss is part of life, as we in the digital scrapbooking community are realizing this past month. This collection can help in your art therapy in helping with loss.















Here is a set of doorway backgrounds to also add to your layouts. Doorways symbolize a new path or a new way in. It can be about moving into a new space.

My newest project involves these sets. My grandmother died last year and I never did  gather all the images. My mother and uncle asked me to arrange a memory book of her photos and memories into a album. I started with a photo of hers that we all loved and represents who she was to us.


Other ways to use this kit can also be about loss of something precious to you or loss of a friendship that you regret. It’s dark somber colors reflect that and the doorways can add to the symbolism. Here are the layouts our team did.

Don’t forget to share with us your layouts! If you post it on Facebook or at the Oscraps’ gallery, make sure you let us know or tag us! We’d love to see your creativity!

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