Long Time No Write Update

Well, the summer seemed to have zoomed right by and we never updated our site.  Both of us got sidetracked by real life and now it’s slowing up a bit.  Here’s an update. What did we do?  Vanessa went to Brazil to spend time with her family.  She is from Brazil where her mother and brother live.  She got a chance to reconnect with them as well as share with her daughters her country. And, she got to work on some graphics projects with her brother and sister-in-law in their business endeavors. I (Vivienne) tried to hold down the fort at ViVa Artistry but got sidetracked by the ice cream shop among other things.

Toward the end of summer, I did end up traveling to Florida to deliver my car to a shipping company to send it down to St.Thomas.  Fun enough, the shipping company was within vicinity to Vanessa’s house and WE GOT TO STAY WITH HER AND HER FAMILY!!!  She had just arrived back from Brazil and we spent two days with her!


What did we do?  Went to lunch, went to Michaels to get inspiration (we seem to get inspired there, for some reason), went to an amazing Latin restaurant, played with her girls (my girls were not with us), talked A LOT, got the husbands to meet, reviewed a LOT of Stampington magazines!!! and really had a great time just talking.  We decided that we need to meet up more often because we seem to have broken both of our creative blocks.

So, currently, I am in process of moving my family’s ice cream parlor from one location in St Thomas to A.H. Riise, a few blocks over.  It’s been a quick move and we’re now blocking out and building out the space.  We hope to be done in the next week. This is being done prior to the opening of the high season in St Thomas. If you are vacationing or cruising to St Thomas, be sure to stop by Virgin Islands Ice Cream Company, I’d love to meet up with you!

So we are retiring many of our Archive Attic kits.  We’ve placed most of them on dollar sale.  You’ll find some great buys on the bundles.  Flip thru the 12 pages and grab the kit your missing from your collection!

And, on the subject of kits, our latest:



These are the papers included in the kit.




And these are additional pieces that go with the above kit, or a mini you could use with your own stash.



This kit is all about exposing your secrets and self.  Or possibly being already exposed or open to situations. Its an open interpretation for your artwork.  HERE is inspiration for you for this kit!

Last week, we released Colibri or hummingbird (in Portuguese).




Here are some amazing layouts created by our team!

We created printables in both bundled and seperate format.



Hummingbirds signify the enjoyment of life.  We love the colors and shape of the hummingbird and the idea of joy and thought it would come across really well in art projects.


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