Impressionism and Art

There’s nothing we like more than art and culture. And we are diverse if nothing else. This last month, we did an impressionism mini kit to celebrate Monet, Spring, and rebirth.


Such a fresh springy look for happy moods and joyful pages. Take a look at our team inspiration HERE.

And of course, we added two more sets of element packs to add to your stash:





These frames are great. The first one, you can clip your own images or papers to. You can recolor, you can do a negative image on a background. The second, use it as is for texture. Place color or another brush on another layer for dimension, clip an image to it. It’s fun to add these to your art.

Another Impressionist we love is Van Gogh, of the missing ear and tortured soul. I was so honored and pleased to visit the museum that houses a large collection of his paintings and art, the Kruller-Muller Museum in Holland. Interesting enough, we lived 10 minutes away from Neunen where he was born and lived as a child. And driving around the area, I could see some of the rural places that he eventually painted.




Here are some amazing images from our incredible team.

Don’t forget that our Architectural kit is also out. With fun images of architecture and home building. So if you like to do pages on structures and house design, this is it:



Inspiration is located HERE.

And of course this weekend is Oscraps’ MiniO sale. All of the designers used the same color swatch so you can mix and atch. 40% off for 4 days only.



We had a bit of fun with this one as it’s such a bohemian look.




These last weeks have been busy.

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