How to Create an Earth Glow

Today, I’m creating an earth glow with the Skywatching kit and lights pack. A glow can be cool in some instances of fantasy pages or art journaling pages as it creates a focus to your art. And combined with the lights art in the set, it’s fun and creative!

face of god





Please note that I use CS3 but you can use any version of Photoshop, just find the location of the correct settings.

I start out with a plain black background and the earth element layered on top.



For the glow, I double clicked the layer style palette and checked the OUTER GLOW option.



Here are the settings I used:


You can select a gradient and then the color in the STRUCTURE section. I selected a blue color to match the earth element.

I then added a piece of the background paper #7 behind the earth element layer.



I did rotate this image a couple times and then used a section of it.

Then, I clicked on the layers palette again while on this layer and clicked on EXCLUSION under BLEND MODES.






There is your glow. You can finish your layout with additional elements. Mine came mainly from the lights pack of Skywatching. This pack is extremely useful and works with your own stash very well!

face of god

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