Holly’s Phone App Tutorial

So there were some requests for how to do a page similar to Holly’s Vedana layout.  And yes, we thought it was quite fun and so colorful!!!  Holly kindly explained how to do this:
From Holly:
I just experimented with layer styles.  Also, the “app” that I used to edit my photo ended up being just the system photo editor in my cell phone so there isn’t any name for it. But the filter I used was called Posterize and I see that there are several apps available online that offer the Posterize option.
1. Edit photo with a “Posterize” filter in your photo editing application (the application I used to Posterize my photo was just my cell phone’s system photo editor).

2. Open your photo and all of your scrapbooking images in your image editing software. I use PSE 11.

3. Place photo directly over your base paper layer. The base paper that I used was already patterned on one half and nearly plain on the other half. I flipped the paper vertically. I sized my photo so it was the exact size of the plain half of my base paper.

4. Go to the layers palette. I changed my photo layer to Overlay so that it took on the coloring and patterns of the paper under it.

5. I added the word art layer directly above my photo layer and experimented with various layer styles, finally setting on the Color Dodge option. This completely changed the color of the wordart layer and blended it in to my photo.

6. Above this, I added the stamped dotted border around my photo and turned it sideways and also changed that to Color Burn in the layers palette.

7. I added several other layers of embellishments and wordart to finish up my layout.  And that’s it!

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  1. Johanna says:

    Thank you for the tutorial! I don’t have PS or PSE, but I think I can figure it out in PSP or Craft Artist. Such a stunning LO!! You are so talented. 🙂

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