Holiday Season Starts

We are nearing the holiday season and unfortunately the close of Scrapbookgraphics. Please stay tuned to hear where we will be headed soon!

For my family, we’re going to be a little early (or late, depending) and starting our holiday celebrations this weekend. We will be doing the Danish St Morten’s dinner. St Morten is usually in October and is very much a harvest type of meal very similar to Thanksgiving. Because our daughter Amanda is in town this month, we’re doing a lot of our holiday meals with her. Our girls love this meal which highlights the roast duck. I guess this is a good practice run for the Thanksgiving turkey! So to prepare for the next meals, I am making onion confit (or jam), cranberry relish, and red currant jelly.

Red currant jelly is actually not critical. But I like to use it in my sauce/gravy for the duck. You can buy it in the shops and it’s fine but I learned to make it in Denmark because we had currant bushes in the garden.




So you’ll need 2 pounds of currants, 1/2 cup of water and 1.5 cups of sugar. It’s that simple. Because the berries have naturally occurring pectin, you won’t need more for the jelly to set. Clean the currants by running cold water over them. Throw them into a pan of the water with the sugar and let it boil for 20 minutes.



Crush the berries to get all of the juiciness out. When it’s cool, strain the juice out into jars.


I put the jars directly into the refrigerator. The hot liquid in the cold air will seal the jars. That’s it! Easy peasy. I usually add a couple tablespoons of the jelly when I’m making a sauce or gravy. It gives a sweet richness to it that goes perfect with duck or turkey or ham.


Just to let you know, we’re retiring some of our kits. Grab them now. They won’t go into our new store so it’s the perfect time to get it at such a deal.








Each set will have 3-5 full kits and an element pack or two. Grab it now before SBG closes!

Enjoy your holiday preperations!

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  1. Johanna Ballinger says:

    That sounds good! I’ve only had black currant jams and teas. So sorry about Scrapbookgraphics closing, but I’m really glad you ladies aren’t retiring. love, Johanna

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