Halloween and Grabbag

We both don’t exactly care for most Halloween observances, other than letting the kids dress up and go trick or treating, so our Halloween kits tend to be more about scary or dark. This year, we have a kit, an overlay pack, and a grabbag full of scary treats for you!








The grabbag is available for one week only at $5 and then its dismantled and sold separately.  And it is ONE FULL BAG OF 5 TREATS WITH NO TRICKS!!!








You can of course mix and match with your stash as these are great page builders. And they go great in those moody pages that we often need to do to get rid of stuff within ourselves. It’s dark and deep, so go within yourself and make those scary pages in your journal.

Are you heading to a Halloween party yourself? or just sending the kids out? For me, it will be quiet. I’m driving my 17 year old to visit her friend in college and they will probably go to a college party. My 20 year old is in Denmark where they don’t do that kind of thing and hubby is away on a business trip. Vanessa has 4 younger kids and she’ll be occupied with them for the trick or treat part! I sometimes am amazed, having moved back stateside to Atlanta from St Thomas, to see the Halloween pop up stores with all the products available. I don’t remember having that when my kids were little, or even growing up with them. It’s amazing. My teenager was a bit shocked herself when we walked into one. Since moving back stateside, we are still in shock over the excess shopping available 24/7. This is coming from a place where we had 2 full grocery stores, a Kmart, and a Home Depot for our shopping!!!

And, of course, we have a small freebie for you…enjoy our webbed alpha! (CLICK THE IMAGE FOR THE DOWNLOAD)



For some incredible images from our creative team, please see HERE.

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