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We have some new templates in our shop…this one is a Floating Frames set that gives you an appearance of “glass” sitting over a photomask. You can place your photo image over the mask and clip it OR, you can place a regular photo under the frames for a simple and clean look. Super easy and super fun for dramatic page layouts in quick time!


So this set of templates come in TIF, PSD, and PNG files. For those using the TIF and PSD files, there should be no¬† problems in using it. For the PNG files, it’s probably not so clear. The files are for those programs that cannot use the other files. Just take the PNG files and layer as is. Now, I just found out that there may be design programs that do not support blending modes. Our PNG files in this template are solid. The trick is to use blending modes on each layer. In Photoshop, you can go into the LAYERS palette and find the blending modes there:




If you use a SOFT LIGHT or SOFT BLEND in your own program on that specific layer, it will cause the solid frame shape to be transparent. Also, the fill slider can give you additional control by making one shape less transparent than the other, so this is something to play with as well. In Photoshop, you can find it in the LAYERS palette as well, under ADVANCED BLENDING. This way will give you more control.

IF YOUR PROGRAM DOES NOT SUPPORT blend modes, please email us upon your purchase and we can send you PNG files that are transparent with separate shadows as well. You can then play with it to get it to look similar to the PSD or TIF files.

UPDATE: We added in PNG files with separate shadows but the shadows may be darker. You can lighten the color of the shadows or reverse the opacity to make it lighter, or create your own shadow if you use a different light source than ours (120 degrees).

Have fun playing!

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