Facemasks and what to wear during Covid19


This Covid19 is really causing havoc, what with the whole quarantine thing, the facemasks thing, the glove thing. Who would of thought something out of a science fiction novel or movie would play out in real life like this? So in the last weeks, I’ve made (with mom’s help) over 75 facemasks to give to people who need it. I’ve had amazing friends who donated money so I could get more supplies and ship these all over the US.

making facemasks

My first ones were made of fabric that was in a box. They were leftovers of some project I did while I was in Japan. So those came out and got washed and tested. The pattern I followed was from THIS BLOG.

I modified some when I ran out of elastic. I ended up used ribbon and bias tape that I had leftovers of. Who would think that elastic trim would end up being so precious? I did get some elastic finally from Mon Ami Gabby They are a crafting trims manufacturer who can get elastic to you QUICK QUICK!

facemask stacks

What I like about this pattern is that it makes a pocket for a filter (I’ve ordered but it’s taking a while yet to get here). In the meantime, there’s about 3 layers of cotton fabric which is recommended. If you are like me, I get claustrophobic the first 10 minutes I have the facemask on!

Other projects

Now that I’m homebound again (I had a part-time job at a shop downtown), I’m back to creating websites for small businesses full-time. And I’m also filling my time with home projects that need doing, creating more ViVa kits, and making junk journals. I found some amazing chipboard pieces from A Vintage Girl and ordered some pieces for the cover of a few of the journals!

Junk Journals
Inside of journal

What are you doing with the extra time at home?

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