Creating a Chipboard Tag

In digital, many times, we re-create a real physical scrapbooking item for the computer screen.  Chipboard elements have always been a mainstay of the scrapbooking world.  And now, you can make a custom chipboard tag to suit your own layout!

chipboard tag

1. Select a chipboard overlay.  Amanda Rockwell has some amazing overlays in their shops.   This tutorial uses Bekah E. Designs’  chipboard overlay from a discontinued sampler.

2. Select a shape or create a shape.  This is a generic scalloped circle.



3. Duplicate the shape by clicking on Layer>Duplicate Layer and use the 1st copy.  Disable the 2nd copy by clicking on the eye (you will be using this layer later on) in the layers palatte.


4. Place the overlay over the shape and clip (CTRL>ALT>G).


5. On the shape layer, add a slight bevel by double clicking the layer on the layers palette.


6. Follow the settings below.  Select the shades of the highlight and shadows mode by choosing a darker and lighter version of the color of the chipboard.  This bevel will give some depth to the element.



7. Select both chipboard and shape layers and merge by clicking LAYERS>MERGE LAYERS. This will force the bevel into the element.



8. Turn on the 2nd copy of the shape by clicking on the eye again.

9. Transform the shape by clicking on EDIT>TRANSFORM>SCALE.  This shape needs to be slightly smaller than the chipboard element beneath it.


10. On the top bar, change the width and height size to 90% each.  This will make the shape go down 10% in size evenly.


11. Select a paper scrap to clip to that shape.

At this point, there are a variety of things you can do to the chipboard tag.  This particular look simulates a printed chipboard.  Add a tiny bevel on the top shape and it will give the look of paper pasted onto the chipboard.  Use a brush and take away some scratches from the shape and it will look distressed.  Add in some text or wordart for a custom tag.  There is no limit to what can be done to this element!  Use your imagination and create something unique!

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