Crazy Hurricanes!

I cannot believe how the weather turned. One week before Hurricane Irma, I was on St Thomas, trying to figure out how I was feeling. Enjoying the weather, my daughter who lives there, life in general. I was so blessed that so many people I ran into welcomed me “HOME” even though technically, this is not my home. These people are from St Thomas and they were happy to see me and I was so touched by their welcoming arms. We left on Thursday and went to the Florida Keys for some time on our boat. We left on Monday and secured our boat doubly thinking there might be a hurricane. By Tuesday and Wednesday, we were sitting waiting for our daughter to contact us. It was a long couple of days.

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This is Magen’s Bay.

DSC_0046 copy

This was my view from my porch overlooking Sapphire Beach.


Charlotte Amalie harbor where the cruise ships come in.

And it’s hard to see all the photos of the devastation. My daughter is pretty much homeless right now. Flights are still not coming or going except for military and aide. My ice cream shop is on hold as there is no electricity or communications but who needs ice cream right now when it’s food and shelter that’s important. The lines are long for food. Tarp is needed and yet it’s not there yet for those who are homeless. I want to send things down but the post office is still not functioning. They’ve just started opening up the ports again after Hurricane Maria came thru. Maria pretty much ruined St Croix which was the staging grounds for the recovery of St Thomas and St John. Puerto Rico is not much better off. And both PR and USVI are US Territories and help is slow to come.

This is St John the week before the hurricane. That beach is pretty much gone.





All the boys went spearfishing that day for our dinner. We barbecued what they caught and ate til we were stuffed! These are my lovely memories of my battered islands.



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