We’re gonna discuss the new Record Your World, but first, a recap of what WE (ViVa) are doing. Where to begin? 聽First, apologies for the inactive website here for the month of September. 聽It was a bad month for me. 聽First, at the end of August, I tripped and fell (over nothing, I might add) …


Broken Hearts Collab with Gypsy Couture

We did another amazing collab with Lisa of Gypsy Couture and wow, Broken Hearts is what we ended up with!!! Did we love it? 聽Yes!!! 聽We love how our styles mesh so well together with hardly any editing necessary! 聽Broken Hearts was born out of loss and heartache. Because life is not roses and rainbows …


Inspired by GAME OF THRONES!

Yes, we’ve got an inspired by GAME OF THRONES kit! 聽Vanessa is a HUGE fan and wanted to do a kit loosely inspired by the tv show. 聽I’m more of a medieval faire type of person. 聽So we worked it so that you can use it for those reasons as well as for interesting mixed …


A Super New Collab!!!

Studio Rosey Posey and ViVa Artistry created this amazing collection:   Ubuntu is the philosophy of human kindness. 聽It’s the concept of I am who I am because of who WE are. 聽And this collection suits us perfectly as its about the sense of community that we are all about! 聽To tell you the truth, …



Scrap your hot summer memories with CALIENTE:   Its a super way to add some heat to your summer memories. NOTE: 聽if you purchased聽Wendyzine’s Beginner’s Guide to Photoshop Elements, this kit is included free with purchase. 聽Please check your files before purchase. Here is some inspiration from our creative team:   from Alanna from Caren …


Ole’ Ole’ Ole’!

World Cup is going on and it is amazing how popular it is throughout the world. We’ve created a kit for World Cup but it works just as well for the kids’ soccer memories! You know it, moms! Being there with them every practice and game and tournament!   and wow…look at the amazing pages …


Let Them Eat Cake!

And pie, and spaghetti, and anything else! 聽Check out this huge Epicurious Collection:             What to do with it? 聽So much….for those holiday memories with tables full of food and family, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or birthday celebrations. 聽What about that cookbook you always wanted to put together of the family favorites? …


Match it Up!

Studio Unica and ViVa Artistry teamed up for an amazing collaboration! 聽Vanessa created wordart so incredibly unique! And ViVa Artistry paired it up with a kit full of elements to decorate the wordart! 聽Superbly textured聽papers are included! It’s an awesome collaboration! 聽Not only great for your pages but so much fun to play with. Check …


Pastiche Breakdown

This week we broke the grab bag Pastiche apart and the packs are all sold separately:         You’ll love all the different packs…it’s full of stuff to help you with creating the perfect page. This last week was carnival here in St. Thomas and there were so many events, Jouvert, Children’s Parade, …


NSD Weekend

We have a new set just in time for NSD weekend (National Scrapbooking Day). 聽It’s Pastiche (an collection of unrelated stuff): 聽 All our products are 40% off (excluding the bundles and grabbag). 聽 Have a great day!