Artistic Templates and Paints

This week, we have two artistic packs to jumpstart your creativity. These are painted scraps created by my daughter Isabella (Vivienne’s) as part of an art project for school. She is hoping to enter art school after high school. These oil splashes were the extras and we thought they would work well with your artistic …


Bravery Under Fire

This year, there is a lot to be thankful for. Yes, the rage simmers but underlying it all is gratefulness for my family and isn’t that what Thanksgiving is all about? Family and friends and being together. Additionally, we are immensely grateful for you as an art community that supports each other. We were incredibly …


Printable Freebie

We’ve got a freebie for you to try out our new PRINTABLES!   The images are from our Walk Like and Egyptian set. 聽Click on the image or DOWNLOAD HERE.


Sal de Mar Freebie

it’s been a while since we offered up a freebie…here is one for the Sal de Mar set: And here is the ripped fabric set for FREE! 聽CLICK ON THE IMAGE for the download.    


Awahili Native American Styled Kit! and CTM Mish Baker!!!

One of our fans requested a Native American Indian kit and this intrigued us, enough that we tried it. 聽It’s always difficult to create a kit when the culture is not your own. 聽Hard to tell if we’re stepping on toes or if we put something totally off in it. 聽Candy Whitehead apparently didn’t think …


Clothier Collection and CT Feature: Cynthia Taylor

Today, we have a collection that speaks to a sewer or a fabric hoarder, or someone who loves vintage handwork.         It’s available as a collection bundled together for a VERY good price, or separately if you only like certain packs. 聽It’s chock full of vintage elements, touchable papers, cool brushes, and …