Sal de Mar Freebie

it’s been a while since we offered up a freebie…here is one for the Sal de Mar set: And here is the ripped fabric set for FREE! 聽CLICK ON THE IMAGE for the download.    


Awahili Native American Styled Kit! and CTM Mish Baker!!!

One of our fans requested a Native American Indian kit and this intrigued us, enough that we tried it. 聽It’s always difficult to create a kit when the culture is not your own. 聽Hard to tell if we’re stepping on toes or if we put something totally off in it. 聽Candy Whitehead apparently didn’t think …


Clothier Collection and CT Feature: Cynthia Taylor

Today, we have a collection that speaks to a sewer or a fabric hoarder, or someone who loves vintage handwork.         It’s available as a collection bundled together for a VERY good price, or separately if you only like certain packs. 聽It’s chock full of vintage elements, touchable papers, cool brushes, and …


Scrap and Chat Winners! and Freebie

We have two winners for the Scrap and Chat Snapshots 18 and 19! They made some awesome layouts: Johanna (grrfluudy)     Songbirdy   Thanks girls for playing along…they both receive a $15 ViVa gift certificate. We’ll be having a new chat coming up along with a challenge next week to go with Snapshots #20聽all …


NEW Facebook Freebie

So, in lieu of waiting for 2000 LIKES, we decided to put up a nice freebie kit on our FACEBOOK for DSD. 聽It seems that a lot of you like our freebies!!! 聽so here it is: Just click LIKE to get it and enjoy!!! 聽And hopefully we’ll hit 2000!!! 聽Yooohoooo!!! 聽Have a great DSD and …