Back to the Future and Sci-Fi?

I am a big geeky sci-fi fan, of both books and movies and everything in between. I’ve even got art hung from Attila Hejja, NASA’s official artist. I do like my sci-fi and nothing was better than when they announced a sequel to Blade Runner and [SQUEAL] Jared Leto was going to be part of it, as well as Ryan Gosling!!!  Wow!!! So here is our homage to sci-fi.







We’ve made it so there are a variety of elements and papers for mixing and matching with your own images. You don’t have to do a sci-fi type of page. You can combine this for more of an urban look or to use the backgrounds and overlays for a citified page.

Here are some images from our team:

times square










So, you can vary the look by using different elements or backgrounds. The font itself is shown in a glowing neon look but we’ve provided the black version so you can color it whatever you need.

And here is a quick tip for the flare overlay included. What will you do with this? To add in the shiny star to your page, just layer it on top of your image.


So the black background is in the way. Just double click on the layer in the layers palette.


Under General Blending, select Lighten. It may be different if you have a lighter background. Click thru all your options in General Blending and find the mode right for you. You can also use the Opacity slider for more control.


As you can see, the black disappears and you have the flare left!!!

Have fun playing around with the blend modes!

Vivienne (and Vanessa)

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