Art Dolls at Scrapbookgraphics

Rather than a child’s toy, an art doll is an artist’s expression and created to be a unique piece of artwork.  They are made with many different techniques and skills.  They can be simple or quite complicated.  Many mixed media artists and art journalers use art dolls in their finished art pieces. Stampington carries a magazine on art dolls alone.

Of course, what can be found in the traditional, physical art world, can of course be found digitally.  Here are some rather unique art dolls that can be used in digital art.  Scrapbookgraphics has many designers who create art dolls.  There’s even a section for art dolls in the Art Journal and Collage catagory!

Courtney has some beautiful ones related to a theme:



Crafty Button has a variety of them that can be dropped into many different pages:


Angie has adorable disassembled ones that make you want to play!


Isn’t Lor’s kit just plain stunning?



and we have this one related to the different colors of the world:


Jen has this medieval looking one:



Dawn’s artdolls are so uniquely her own (I am amazed at how unique and identity-fying her illustrations are):


Berna’s artdolls are as vibrant as her kits:



Maya has this cool set of facial dolls:


The best part of this is that with digital files, you could PRINT the dolls out and use them as collage in your physical art.  So its useful in that its two things in one.  Use it digitally, or print it out and use it to cut and paste!  I can see these in journal books, on canvases, made up for SHEART as a base and then altered in your own unique way, so many possibilities!  I think I’m gonna try playing with some this weekend!

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