We are Vivienne and Vanessa, two girls who met online in a digital scrapbooking forum, wanting to document our families’ lives.  Vanessa in a more day to day style and Vivienne in travel diary form.  What happened was that the designing bug bit and within 6 months, ViVa Artistry came into being.

ViVa Artistry represents the best of both designers. Our work is based on our cultural backgrounds, our outlook in life and  our desire to combine art with memory keeping.

We believe that memory keeping can be both meaningful and artistic. We understand that there are a million of different ways to express your thoughts and life moments. Some people have the gift of writing and can make their memories linger through time just with their words. Others can put together images so beautiful and skillfully that the visuals tell the story for themselves. That is why the two of us strive to put out products that can be easily used in a variety of ways.

We have seen our work used in clean and simple pages, art journal pieces, clustered wonders and almost anything else in between. We cannot say how happy we are for that. We like variety, we embrace and encourage the uniqueness of each individual (hence the diversity of our creative team).

The mixture of vintage and art in our work is perfect for those looking to convey their thoughts in a visual manner that, both preserves memories as well as represents their artistic side. Our goal is to deliver products that will help you not only tell your story, but tell it YOUR way.

After all, this is all about your memoriesyour thoughts and your art. We are here to make the process a bit easier and more fun.

Vanessa: Originally from Brazil and now living in Florida, Vanessa is married to the love of her life for 14 years and has 4 girls (including one set of 2-year old twins). After leaving the advertising world for a much more gratifying career as a SAHM, Vanessa keeps a foot in the ‘adult world’ (and mostly sane) by setting time aside to dedicate to ViVa Artistry. Scrapbooking design has become a passion and looking for inspiration and new ideas has become an almost automatic state of mind. Her most proud moment though,  is still the laughter and smiles on her girls’ faces as she boogies around the room making a darn good rendition of Cookie Monster’s “Share It Maybe”.

Vivienne: Originally from Southern California and now living in the US Virgin Islands, scooping ice cream. Vivienne is married to a Danish Viking and has two teen girls driving her mad!  She has traveled the world with her family and has returned back to the States a year ago.  Her favorite scrapping items are office supplies and papers. Vivienne used to scrap with real paper but found out in European houses, there is no room to spread out her paper supplies!!!  So they sit rotting in boxes in a storage unit while she has fun with Photoshop!

Our toys:

Vanessa:  Apple MacBook Pro, Epson V300 scanner, point and shoot camera, Photoshop & Illustrator CS3

Vivienne:  Toshiba Satellite Pro, Bamboo Pen, Bamboo Create, 2 external hard drives, Canon 5000F scanner, Nikon D3000 with regular lens, Photoshop CS3, Artrage, Inkscape


CONTACT:  info(at)vivaartistry(dot)com

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  1. Bettina says:


    I came to your site via Marisa Lerins Scavenger Hunt. Unfortunately I can’t find this part. Can you help me with this?

    Thank you so much!
    Cheers Bettina

    • vivaartistry says:

      Hi Bettina,
      If you look under “What’s New”, there is a post titled “Re-release Renaissance and Scrapbooking Kit freebie” you will find what you are looking for there 🙂
      Vanessa & Vivienne

  2. Bettina says:

    Thank you for your help, I found it now 🙂
    This time I searched for you on google and came via your old website an I loved the freebie you showed there, when you moved (fall jubilee). Is it still available somewhere, even if I had to pay for it? It’s so lovely, I especially like the colors that I dont find very often.

    Thanks again!

    • vivaartistry says:

      Hi Bettina,
      You can find the freebie still available here. Just go to “What’s New” and find our post. titled “Celebrating Memories, Thoughts and Art”. The links to the freebie are there. Glad you found us 🙂

  3. AnneMarie says:

    Hi, Viva Artistry!
    I can’t tell you how glad I am to see you doing cultural kits! I was an art teacher for 21 years and have a degree in Art History. I LOVE your kits. Had thought many times while looking at your Seasons kits that I wished you would do Celtic, Egyptian, Roman kits and now you are! So wonderful! Thanks! Maybe a Klimt/Vienna kit? or a Parisian architecture kit? Thanks so much!

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